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Offshore Greens

Offshore Greens

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Offshore Greens is an adventure lifestyle company founded on the belief that a connection with nature is essential to enhanced human health. We provide daily superfood supplements containing plant-based protein combined with collagen stimulating marine greens. Our initial product features foundational hero ingredients of kelp and mushrooms, available in chai and matcha flavors, that fund kelp reforestation projects to sink carbon and create vital animal habitats.

As a former professional skier, a life changing experience 30 nautical miles out to sea was unexpected. However, stranded on an island in a hurricane was exactly where Offshore would originate. Diving for, and surviving on, the long blades of golden sugar kelp cultivated a connection with nature that I had previously never known. Combine that with the climate stabilizing powers kelp has to sequester carbon, create habitat and protect our coastlines and Offshore was inevitable. 

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